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Internet - Favorites and Bookmarks

Section Favorites is similar to common bookmarks. It keep pages addresses that you have added in the section yourself. Items in the section have higher priority when you find a bookmark via filter. Hover cursor under title of the section to see available operations. Here you can create a group, create a bookmark or delete all items from the section. You are able to create unlimited number of group in every group. To add a bookmark click item 'Create New Bookmark' and type a page address. If the Internet access is on the program try to extract the page title and rename the item. Item icon is extracted from the page as well. You can also run all items in a group, rename group or remove it.
Section 'Bookmarks' contains two items. The first, FireFox Bookmarks, has all bookmarked pages from your FireFox browser. The second lets you manage Internet Explorer Favorites.

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