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Applications - Groups

Grouping is feature that helps you to hide or show some applications simultaneously. It is some sort of virtual desktops. The section Groups has two permanent items 'All Applications' and 'None'. The first is default option and when this option is active you see all running applications. When option 'None' is active you cannot see any application, so all applications are hidden. You can create unlimited number of your own groups, such as Internet, Work and so far. To create a new group hover cursor under section title item and click 'Create New Group', then set cursor on it and type comprehensible caption. To add an application to group hover cursor under group, then click item 'Add from Running Applications' and select an appropriate application from list. You can select an application only when it is launched. To leave visible only applications in a group just click by group title. To see all applications again select item 'All Applications'.

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